Service Innovation

Increase your competitiveness and revenue through the development of combined product-service business models.

In a world with increasing competition, companies who link service offerings to their products often have a better offset to create value for their customers and thereby strengthen their competitiveness.


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We work in the intersection of deep customer surveys, sharp business strategies and convincing design to help businesses create growth through service innovation.

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Create growth and strengthen competitiveness through service innovation

For several of our customers, 3PART have developed service concepts and business models that combine the existing product sales with offerings, new initiatives and solutions, which are benefcial to the company’s customers and thereby the foundation of the business as well as its future ability to innovate.

You really get value for money, even if it is very intensive. It has contributed to a new way of thinking... not solutions, but the issues and challenges... Julie Lambrethsen, Project Manager, Unomedical A/S


The detailed development process of service concepts and/or new business models is planned out with you as a customer according to your specifc needs and challenges.

A project might only contain selected phases, hereafter the material will be handed over for internal completion. Or we can assist you all the way through. Again, it is up to you as a customer to decide what is most appropriate and which competences you possess internally to run this kind of development projects.

Typically, a process will contain the following phases and activities:

  • Initial activities: Defning goals and general planning.
  • Phase 1: Clarifcation of existing processes and offerings.
  • Phase 2: Internal and external research and information gathering.
  • Phase 3: Idea development.
  • Phase 4: Detailed concept development.
  • Phase 5: Development of prototypes and concept validation.
  • Phase 6: Revision and clarifcation of concept and implementation planning.